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Room booking for courses

Jóhanna B Jónsdóttir at the Education Office handles room booking for courses.

Other room bookings

You book the meeting rooms in the Biology and Ecology buildings digitally via TimeEdit (TE). Bookable rooms for staff at the Department of Biology and CEC are listed below.

Digital booking of seminar rooms
Room House Hybrid room Number of seats
Cellen (B-C216b) Biology building No 7
Etiketten (B-D107) Biology building No 8
Kuvösen (B-C114) Biology building No 8
Mitokondrien (B-A273) Biology building No 8
Synpunkten (B-B327) Biology building Yes 20
Communis (E-B355) Ecology building No 12
Darwin (E-C252) Ecology building Yes 12
Fagus (E-C352) - CEC Ecology building Yes 14
Museet (E-E334) Ecology building Yes 10
Stora Konferensrummet (E-A120) Ecology building Yes 22
Studenten (E-E134) Ecology building Yes 10
Tanken (E-D143) Ecology building No 24

There is a QR code at each meeting room that links to an overview of how the room is booked. The hybrid rooms are equipped with a TV and Polycam studio (except Fagus which has another equipment chosen by CEC).

Available rooms?

In TimeEdit you can see which rooms are booked.

How to book a meeting room

A screen shot to illustrate the booking process.
  1. Log in with your LUCAT-id in TimeEdit.
  2. Select the date [1]. Either by clicking the arrows or at the calendar icon. You may choose if you want to see the booking by week or day [2]. Start writing the room name to search for a specific room [4] or write the time you want [5] to only see the chosen rooms.
  3. After you have chosen a room, click in the calendar [3]. You will then see the chosen day with a blue booking representing an hour. Click at the time you want to book.
  4. Do the following in the pop-up window
    • Adjust the time
    • Choose KST, kind of AKTIVITET, PERSON
    • Fill in a TITEL for the event
    • Click BOKA at the bottom
  5. You get a confirmation. You can choose to book more rooms and/or send the confirmation to your mail. You will then get a calendar booking you can save in your electronic calendar.

At the bottom of the window, you see your bookings. If you want to change or cancel any of them click on it.

Field stations

You will find more information about our field station and how to book it in Lund University's research portal.

Some principles of office allocation in the department


Emeriti with emeriti contract and activities at the department will have the use of a shared office.

New PhDs

PhD students who have recently defended their thesis may have the use of their office for six months following the thesis defence. Thus they get a chance to write a postdoc application and get unpublished parts of the thesis ready for publication.

Outgoing postdocs

Outgoing postdocs empty and clean their offices before they leave for their postdoc stay. If they need a new office when they return, they will have one.

Incoming postdocs

When incoming postdocs’ employments are ended they will be offered a place in a large shared office.

Short time researchers

Short-time researchers will have a place in a large office with up to six work areas.

Master students

If there is room in an office with six work areas; master students may have a temporary work area until it is needed.

In general

Use the 15 m2 offices better than today. These offices are suitable for three postdocs or PhD students. Now they are often used by one senior researcher.

Room booking

Johanna Bjarney Jonsdottir
Programme Administrator
Education Office

Telephone: +46 46 222 73 15
E-mail: Johanna_Bjarney.Jonsdottir

Malfunctions related to buildings

Biology building

During office hours, staff located in the Biology building should report errors to Nils Sundqvist +46 46 222 77 84 or Henrik Wendel +46 46 222 38 03

Ecology building

During office hours, staff in the Ecology building should report errors to Cecilia Ringstrand +46 46 222 93 17 or Henrik Wendel +46 46 222 38 03.

Greenhouse G

During office hours, contact Chatarina Mattson +46 46 222 77 87 or Henrik Wendel +46 46 222 38 03

Non-office hours

For emergencies during non-office hours, call the Akademiska hus helpline at +46 46 31 13 10.

Booking of projectors

Jan Johansson
IT technician
Department of Biology

Telephone: +46 46 222 38 09
Email: Jan [dot] Johansson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Booking of buses

Juana Bernal
Programme administrator
Education Office

Telephone: +46 46 222 73 18
Email: Juana [dot] Bernal [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Department bicycle

Bicycle wheel in a flower bed.
Photo: Mikael Risedal

You may borrow the department’s bicycle during the day. It is parked in the bicycle rack under the pedestrian bridge at the left entrance of the Ecology building. Reserve the bicycle by contacting Cecilia Ringstrand (+46 46 222 93 17) or Henrik Wendel (+46 46 222 38 03).