Jörgen Lindström's Foundation

Applications are invited for grants from Jörgen Lindström’s foundation for graduate students at the Department of Biology with genetically oriented PhD projects.

Eligible are students who are registered at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science at Lund University, and whose PhD project is genetically oriented. This includes projects that are focused on the inheritance mechanism itself, as well as studies of the genetic material’s structure, function and evolution. Also included are projects utilizing the genetic variation – natural or induced – to achieve knowledge about mutation processes, evolutionary processes and phenotypic variation, or for direct practical applications of specific genotypes.

Granted amounts are no more than 30 000 SEK. Only one application per person and application event is allowed. You may apply twice a year in April and October. The use of funds must be reported in connection with the next application (see registration form), or alternatively at the latest one year after receipt to Torbjörn Säll (Torbjorn [dot] Sall [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se). Unused funding goes back to the foundation or you can apply in a new application round for their use towards prolongation or another project. Funds from the foundation can however maximally be used for 6 months after dissertation.

You must apply for any redisposition of funding to other purposes than the granted project. This can be done in a new application round (see above) or by e-mail to Torbjörn Säll, if this is not possible, for example because of time constraints. You can apply for prolongation of funding because of special circumstances (e.g. leave of absence) by e-mail to Torbjörn Säll.

Funds are granted for equipment, research expenses, computers and software, conferences, research trips, PhD courses and publication fees. Funds are not granted for salaries, stipends or hire of workforce. Grants do not apply retroactively.

There are two application periods each year – 23 March to 20 April and 22 September to 20 October.


Tavlan Vita Märm II av August Strindberg


Torbjörn Säll

Telephone: +46 46-222 78 58
E-mail: Torbjorn [dot] Sall [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se