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Appointing staff

When hiring staff, there are many rules and laws that you must adhere to. You can find information on how to employ doctoral students on our postgraduate studies pages. The Faculty of Science is currently developing a process for hiring teachers, which will be implemented in the autumn.

Keep in mind that hiring personnel takes time regardless of the type of employment. Therefore, contact our personnel administrators as soon as you start considering a hire. They will inform you of what you need to do and guide you through the process, regardless of the type of employment.

In addition to doctoral studentships and teaching staff positions there are the following types of employment:

  • Fixed-term employment in accordance with the Employment Protection Act (LAS) Section 5 point 1
  • Substitute position in accordance with Employment Protection Act (LAS= Section 5 point 2
  • Fixed-term employment in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (HF)
  • Permanent employment

More information about recruitment is available on the Faculty of Science's website.

Hiring Teachers – a 2-Year Process

Hiring teachers now takes two years. Therefore, you must plan well in advance. Here is how the process unfolds.

Year 0


The Department Board makes decisions in the budgeting process to determine the number of recruitments that can fit in the budget and can initiate a hiring process in year 2. The number of recruitments will range between 0 and 2 per year. The board communicates the number of recruitments to the organisation.

Year 1


Research environments, divisions, and directors of studies identify their recruitment needs.


Those in need of recruitment fill out a digital expression of interest (in Swedish on our Swedish internal website) with a brief description and justification for the proposed position.

March to May

The Head of Department Council discusses the received expressions of interest and makes a preliminary ranking.


The Head of Department Council anchors with all division heads. The Head of Department makes decisions regarding the ranking of the proposals. Subsequently, the Department Board decides on which recruitments to pursue.


The division heads concerned and the Head of Department prepare a recruitment proposal, which they submit to the faculty.


The recruitment proposal is anchored with the faculty.


The faculty makes decisions regarding the recruitment.

Year 2

January to March

The faculty and the teacher nomination board conduct the recruitment.


The employment can commence.

HR administrators

Sara Bengtsson
HR Administrator
Department of Biology

Telephone: +46 46 222 93 50
E-mail: Sara [dot] Bengtsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Izabella Kehlmeier
HR Administrator
Department of Biology

Telephone: +46 46 222 02 85
E-mail: Izabella [dot] Kehlmeier [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Ewa Kralik
HR Administrator
Department of Biology

Telephone :+46 46 222 79 21
E-mail: Ewa [dot] Kralik [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se