Health and safety representatives

Your health and safety representative can offer you advice, support and guidance in issues regarding your work environment. Remember that the health and safety representative is not responsible for your work environment – your manager is!

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Principal health and safety representative

Regular: Erling Jirle
Substitute: Carina Rasmussen

Arkivcentrum Syd – Biological Museum

Regular: Sigvard Svensson
Substitute: Arne Thell

Biology Building A and the Greenhouses

Regular: Chatarina Mattsson
Substitute: Nils Sundqvist

Biology building B

Regular: Carina Rasmussen
Substitute: Eva Landgren

Biology building C and D

Regular: Camilla Björklöv
Substitute: Bodil Sjögreen

Ecology building – Biology Library, GU and Prefekteriet

Regular: Lotta Persmark
Substitute: Vacant

Ecology building – Aquatic Ecology and Aneboda

Regular: Marie Svensson
Substitute: Caroline Björnerås

Ecology building – Biodiversity

Regular: Mikael Hedrén
Substitute: Sofia Mebrahtu Wisén

Ecology building – Biological Museum

Regular: Karin Johnson
Substitute: vacant

Ecology building – Evolutionary Ecology, MEMEG, Stensoffa and the Wind tunnel building

Regular: Jane Jönsson
Substitute: Tomas Johansson

Ecology building – Functional Zoology and shared premises

Regular: Erling Jirle
Substitute: Martin N. Andersson