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Safety procedures

Please note that the information may be incomplete. Efforts to finalise the procedures are ongoing.

There is a legal obligation to report accidents and incidents (situations that could have led to an accident). Contact your head of the unit as well as your health and safety representative for assistance in this matter. Download forms from the Lund University's Staff Pages.

General safety procedures for the department

General safety routines (updated 2016-11-15, pdf, 830 kB, new tab)

Some research group/houses have special safety routines for their laboratories.

Student safety

General information about student safety.

Risk analysis before fieldwork

Checklist before excursions and fieldwork (pdf, 574 kB, new tab)

Environmental officers

The links below go to contact information on external websites.

Contact person for ionising radiation and Gisela

Erling Jirle

Contact person for lasers

Erling Jirle

Fire coordinators

Nils Sundqvist (Biology building) and Henrik Wendel (Ecology building).

Hot work permit holder

Nils Sundqvist

Responsible for pressurized devices (autoclaves)

Erling Jirle

Director of flammable goods

Biology building A and greenhouse G

Mats Hansson
Olle Anderbrant, acting deputy

Biology building B

Dan Nilsson
Olle Anderbrant, acting deputy

Biology building C and D

Olle Anderbrant
Mats Hansson, acting deputy

Ecology building, GU premises and Biology building, zoology storeroom

Jep Agrell
Carin Jarl Sunesson, acting deputy

Ecology building, Aquatic Ecology

Christer Brönmark
Ola Olsson, acting deputy

Ecology building, Biodiversity

Ola Olsson
Christer Brönmark, acting deputy

Ecology building, Evolutionary Ecology

Jan-Åke Nilsson
Staffan Bensch, acting deputy

Ecology building, Functional Zoology

Olle Anderbrant
Mats Hansson, acting deputy

Ecology building, MEMEG

Staffan Bensch
Jan-Åke Nilsson, acting deputy

Biological Museum, Ecology building

Ulf Arup
Ellen Sandström, acting deputy

Biological Museum, Arkivcentrum Syd

Ulf Arup
Maria Mostadius, acting deputy