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Chemical database and risk assessment

KLARA is a database for chemical inventory and risk assessments used by most higher education and other public authorities in Sweden.

Searching in the database KLARA and logging in for inventory and risk assessment staff

Inventory staff log in using their Lucat identity. For assessing risks and to see where various chemicals are stored you also need a Lucat login. Contact Erling Jirle (contact info on Staff Pges), administrator of KLARA to receive access rights. For general information about chemicals, visit KLARA by the way of the Staff Pages (scroll down to Klara and log in with your LUCAT ID).

Klara inventory takers

All links below go to contact information on external websites.

Biology building A, including GU

Elisabeth Gauger
Eva Svensson

Biology building B

Eva Landgren

Biology building C, including GU

Camilla Björklöv
Agnieszka Czopek

Biology building D, including GU

Camilla Björklöv

Ecology building, Functional ecology and GU

Marie Svensson

Ecology building, Biodiversity and biosciences

Helene Bracht-Jørgensen
Mikael Hedrén
Sofia Mebrahtu Wisén

Ecology building, Sensory biology

Erling Jirle

Ecology building, Evolutionary ecology and infection biology

Jane Jönsson
Anna Sterngren

Ecology building, Biological Museum

Erling Jirle

Arkivcentrum Syd, Biological Museum

Maria Mostadius