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Health, environment and safety committee (HMS)

The main task for the HMS committee is to monitor and coordinate the University- and faculty-wide policies regarding health, environment and safety, both for the Department of Biology and for the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research. The committee consists of four employer representatives, employee organisation representatives and one student representative.

More information about the department’s work environment efforts and health and safety representatives is available on the work environment pages.

Members in the HMS committee (HMS-K)

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Health, environment and safety committee – working group (HMS-AU)

The HMS-AU is a link between the HMS committee and the activities at the Department of Biology. The working group ensures that work environment efforts are implemented by, among other things, making sure that the lab managers and heads of units are aware of what procedures and regulations need to be in place. The HMS-AU also ensures that the instructions and observations from the HMS committee are attended to and that statutory lists and registries are established and maintained.

Members in the HMS committee (HMS-AU)

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The HMS committee at the Biology blog

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Protokoll från HMS-mötet den 3/4 -19

5 June 2019
Den 3 april hade Kommittén för Hälsa-, Miljö- och Säkerhet (HMS-kommittén) möte. Då diskuterades bland annat trångboddhet, tillsyn av viloru…
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