We give support in all forms about administration of personnel, economic matters, education, communication and administrative process management. In the administration and business support, we strive to have high competence, a clear structure, flexible solutions and give good service.

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From January 2020 we will change responsibility areas as follow in the table.

Administration of units
Units Aquatic Ecology Biodiversity Evolutionary Ecology Functional Zoology MEMEG Molecular Cell Biology
Head of unit Christer Brönmark Ola Olsson Jan-Åke Nilsson Olle Anderbrant Staffan Bensch Mats Hansson
Anna Lindkvist Anna Lindkvist Annika Hecktor Lena Magnusson Annika Hecktor Lena Magnusson
Human resource
Izabella Sec Izabella Sec Adam Niekrasz Sara Bengtsson Adam Niekrasz Sara Bengtsson
Budget & forecast Peter Stenild Matthesen Ella Bohlin Peter Stenild Matthesen Peter Stenild Matthesen Galina Garkavij Charlotta Thomaeus
Remaining units
Unit Joint resources
Library, IT, janitorial service, secretariates
Biological Museum
Head of unit Niklas Wahlberg
Charlotta Thomaeus Ella Bohlin
Human resources
Adam Niekrasz Izabella Sec
Budget & forecast Joakim Nilsson Ella Bohlin
Education administration
Level Undergraduate & graduate studies PhD studies
Directors of studies Carin Jarl-Sunesson Per Lundberg
Education administration Jóhanna Bjarney Jónsdóttir Anna Lindkvist
Annika Hecktor
Violeta Kaleskovska Charlotta Thomaeus
Human resources
Connected to the unit Connected to the unit
Budget & forecast Galina Garkavij Joakim Nilsson
Overall adminstration
Administrative manager Communication Administrative process management
Communication questions, layout, web, images Media contacts, texts
Joakim Nilsson Inger Ekström Jan Olsson Charlotta Thomaeus