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Avoid power outages – save energy!

In an effort to reduce electricity prices ahead of the coming winter, the government is asking all authorities to save as much energy as possible. We, therefore, need to review our energy use and see where we can save. If we all chip in and save, the risk of planned power cuts during the winter is reduced.

Henrik Wendel and the Health, environment and safety committee – working group will go through our labs and other facilities and see where we can save energy. But the rest of us can help by:

  • turning off the lights when no one is in the room
  • turning off computers, monitors, copiers, printers and other equipment that uses electricity when idle (“phantom load”). Don’t leave them in stand-by mode unless absolutely necessary.
  • only airing out rooms for short periods when necessary
  • buying equipment with the best energy ratings
  • not using portable electric heaters
  • only running the dishwashers when they are completely full
  • always pulling down the window sash of the fume hoods

Please take responsibility – and help us save energy!

Thank you in advance,
Jessica Abbott, Joakim Nilsson, Henrik Wendel