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Citizen science – when we need your help

Sometimes, we need help with our research. If many people are involved, we can collect a lot of data covering large areas. When researchers and the general public work together with science, it is called citizen science.

A person is standing in a forest writing in a book. Photo.

When you participate in citizen science projects, you get a chance to engage in questions that interest you. And we get more data than we can collect ourselves. We also get a chance to meet over common interests. A win-win scenario for all.

Our citizen science projects are founded on your interest and we do not have the possibility to pay you any remuneration.

Here we will list our current citizen science projects with descriptions of what kind of help we need. If you do not find any of our projects interesting, have a look at EU-Citizen.Science where you find more citizen science projects in Sweden and all over the world.

Right now, we need your help with these projects

We have both smaller temporary projects as well as bigger more permanent projects which need your help.

School Grounds and Biodiversity –

Collects data about biodiversity in sites built upon. Teachers and pupils can help us by identifying and counting habitats, birds, insects and flowering plants in the school yard.

The Lund Blackbird Project

Examines how the immune function plays a role in blackbird migration. You may help us if you are living in Lund, particularly in Östra Torn or around the Ecology building.

The Swedish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme –

Monitors changes in the number of Swedish butterflies to discover and understand climate changes. All who are curious about butterflies may help us with this project. Most information is in Swedish.

The Swedish Bird Monitoring –

Monitors changes in the size of Swedish bird populations. If you know how to distinguish between different birds’ appearances and their calls, you are welcome to help us. Most information is in Swedish.

LUVRE – (in Swedish)

Monitors and studies birds, insects and trees in the nature reserve in Vindelfjällen in Västerbotten administrative province county. The project gives information on the state of our mountain fauna continuously. All with an interest in mountain birds and nature are welcome to help us.