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Research areas

Biodiversity and evolution

We investigate how organisms interact with their environments to grasp the evolutionary processes shaping life on Earth, from microscopic soil dwellers to expansive ecosystems. Our focus on biodiversity and evolution helps us decipher the complex dynamics that foster the vast variety of life.

Evolutionary ecology and infection biology

Our studies focus on the interactions between species and their environments, examining how these relationships influence behaviour, physiology, and physical traits crucial for adaptation to environmental changes. We analyse a wide array of organisms through disciplines such as genomics and biomechanics to comprehend these evolutionary and functional adaptations at all biological levels.

Functional ecology

We examine the detailed processes within nature, emphasizing areas like aquatic ecology, microbial ecology, and microbial biogeochemistry, along with the study of evolutionary and social transitions. This research aids our understanding of the intricate forces that mould our natural environment.

Molecular biosciences

Our research delves into the complexities of life spanning from plant ecosystems to the microscopic world. By studying plant biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, and telomere research, we uncover the underlying mechanisms of life from the level of genomes to telomeres.

Sensory biology

We investigate diverse phenomena such as insect communication, the evolution of vision, and the impact of nanostructures on nerve cells. These investigations offer critical insights that contribute to various scientific fields and enhance our understanding of the natural world's intricacies.


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Recent publications

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