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Collaboration with society is an important part of working as a researcher or teacher at Lund University. Within the university, we call this the third assignment.

Our skilled teachers and researchers participate in many popular science events. For the students in grammar school, we lecture on the NMT-days (Science, Medicin, and Technology days). We also give a science show – the Biology Show. We perform it during Kulturnatten (the Culture Night) in Lund where we usually also have a series of biology experiments. Sometimes we participate in popular science study circles. We have a blog "Ask a biologist" (in Swedish) where we answer questions from the public.

The department has been host to the Linné days, a yearly event by the Society of Biology Teachers where clever students gather during a couple of days and go on excursions, listen to lectures, and meet researchers.

Our researchers give talks at many other events, for example at Senioruniversitetet and at Lund University's library lectures.

The Biology Show

The Biology Show is a unique multimedia performance exploring life and all that is alive, spiced with laughter, sex, and soap bubbles. The show is suitable for everyone: children and adults, with or without prior knowledge.

Interactive experiments and demonstrations generate curiosity and insight. The show includes cute baby animals, aggressive plants, dancing spiders, and optical illusions. The audience is invited to destroy the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea, hunt for bears, and discover how cows decorate their Christmas trees.

The Biology Show for kids is a special edition that suits children between 4 and 8 years, including fun animal guessing games, leg counting, and a chance to meet Spiderman, Prince Agaton the Toad, and Pytte the Python.

Three people are standing on a stage in blue light. Photo.

Curious? The Biology Show takes place during the popular LUNE days when students in grades 6-9 visit Lund to see how much fun science can be. During the Culture Night in September, we give performances for the general public: both kids' original shows.

The Biology Show has participated in The International Science Festival in Gothenburg (in Swedish) a couple of years. It has also made guest appearances at the Malmöfestivalen, Lund Stadsteater and at the science festivals Festival Nauke in Belgrade, Serbia, and SciFest in Uppsala.

Two people are standing in white overalls on a stage where a green smoke is flowing. Photo.
  • The biologists who produce and perform the show are Marie Dacke, Therese Reber, Jacob Roved, Julian Melgar, Sherry Shaverdian, Elin Dirlik, Valentin Gillet and Saroja Ellendula.
  • The animals involved in the show belong to the Malmo Reptile Center in Malmö Folkets Park and Sandby Ciklidhobby.
  • The music in the show is composed by students from the Music Production department.

The Biology show is a collaboration between Lund University and NE Nationalencyklopedin.

Four people are leaving the stage through a trap door. Photo.
A snake is coiled around a neck of a person seen from the backside. Photo.

Questions about the Biology Show

Marie Dacke

Telephone:+46 46 222 93 36
Email:Marie [dot] Dacke [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Marie[dot]Dacke[at]biol[dot]lu[dot]se)

Jep Agrell
Director of Studies

Telephone:+46 46 222 73 17
Email:Jep [dot] Agrell [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Jep[dot]Agrell[at]biol[dot]lu[dot]se)