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Unique field study shows that pesticide harms wild bees

A honeybee is pollinating a rapsseed flower. Maj Rundlöf and her colleagues have studied how neonicotinoid pesticides affect both wild bees and honeybees. The honeybees can copy with exposure to the pesticide, but it has a strong negative impact on wild bees.

Awarded book about vision

Visual Ecology book cover This year the book Visual Ecology got the Prose Award in Textbook/Biological & Life Sciences. And one of the authors is our professor Eric Warrant.

Lost genes make fungi dependent on trees

Anders Tunlid is looking at mycorrhiza in the lab. A new research study has shed light on the underground interaction between tree roots and fungi. In order to understand how this important symbiosis came about, an international team of researchers have sequenced the genomes of different fungi that live underground. The study shows that in the course of evolution, the symbiotic fungi have lost many genes present in their free-living ancestors, and thus become dependent on the trees.

Wolf took first price in the BÖÖL photo contest

Rasmus Johansson and Jep Agrell open the price ceremony. The yearly photo contest of the biology study council BÖÖL is now finished. The theme Planet Earth resulted in over hundred photos. The exhibition visitors have chosen the winners by voting.

Zoology Hall opened

Opening of the Zoological Hall. This Sunday there were many visitors when the Historical Museum opened their new exhibitions. Part of the zoology collections were at display on the top floor.

New book from Vision Group

Visual Ecology book cover In the end of July Eric Warrant's new book Visiual Ecology will be released. A must-have for anyone interested in vision.