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Curious about Ph.D. studies?

Education for a Ph.D. exam typically involves four years of fulltime study, of which in average one year is spent on courses and seminars and three years on research. The results of the research are reported in a thesis which normally consists of a comprehensive summary based on a collection of scientific articles. The thesis is defended at a public dissertation.

How to apply to doctoral studies.

The purpose and goal of postgraduate education

Postgraduate education within the faculty is aimed at the education of Doctors, scholars capable of independently pursuing a research program at the highest international level, and of working with advanced tasks that demand research experience, not only within the university, but also within industry and society.

The goal of postgraduate education is that the newly graduated Doctor shall

  • have obtained a deep knowledge of their discipline
  • have developed the capacity to think creatively and critically
  • have the ability to formulate research questions, to plan and execute the necessary work required to answer a question within a given time, and to evaluate the results
  • have the ability, both nationally and internationally, to present and discuss research results aimed at different target groups, both orally and in writing

Research at the Department of Biology

Our research spans the entire field of biology: molecular, cellular and organismic biology as well as evolution science, ecology, conservation biology and environmental management.

We have a long and distinguished research tradition whose origins can be traced to Kilian Stobaeus (1690-1742), Professor of Natural Philosophy. Now, as then, the Department of Biology is at the cutting edge of modern biological research.

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