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Weerachon Sawangproh

Postdoctoral fellow | PhD

I took my master degree in plant ecology in 2014 and then decided to continue my PhD studies in plant ecology and systematics. My main research interest is about gene transfer by interspecific hybridization in bryophytes.

Interspecific hybridization is an important process in plant evolution – more than 50% of the vascular plant species have some form of hybrid origin. Hybridizations in non-vascular plants like bryophytes have rarely been investigated by biologists as an evolutionary process although bryophyte hybrids were identified based on morphological characters already in the mid 1800s.

In my PhD study, I try to use molecular methods to detect hybridization in the pleurocarpous mosses belonging to genus Homalothecium (H. sericeum and H. lutescens). Data from earlier studies of Sphagnum peat mosses suggests that a fraction of spores formed by hybridization between relatively closely related species could be viable. In such cases, they carry highly biased genomes, in which genes from one or the other parental species is strongly over-represented. Therefore, there are three major hypotheses to be tested:

  1. Is hybridization a widespread process in bryophytes?
  2. Is segregation of genes during meiosis and sporogenesis in sporophytes of hybrid origin fatal unless the spores receive most of the nuclear genome from one of the parents?
    • Do the spores generated in a sporophyte of hybrid origin show a low degree of survival?
    • Are genes of viable sporelings primarily derived from the maternal or paternal genome?
    • Is the pattern of inheritance consequently maternal or paternal?
  3. Does the hybridization process give rise to progeny, which is morphologically similar to one of the parental species, with only occasional morphological traits, which appear to be misplaced?


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