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Sylvie Tesson

Postdoctoral fellow | PhD

My research focuses on organism dispersal, adaptation and interactions with the environment. I use genetic, phenotypic and bioinformatics approaches at individual, population and community levels. The study systems include atmospheric depositions, sediments, fresh and saline waters and biotic samples.

One project revolves around the dispersal roads of microorganisms, in particular the wind dispersal of microalgae and the co-dispersal of microorganisms by migratory birds (endozoochory). The project involves the identification of their source of emission, their survival capacities and their interaction with either the environment or the host.

Moreover, I am interested in linking genetic diversity to behavioral responses in phytoplankton and zooplankton to understand local adaptation of microorganisms to environmental changes.

My research overlaps with fields of molecular ecology, aquatic ecology, animal movement and atmospheric sciences

Bloom of microalgae (green) and a bird feather in a freshwater lake in Sweden.


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Postdoctoral fellow

Aquatic ecology



Research group

Aquatic Ecology


  • Investigating the dispersal roads of microalgae
  • Linking population genetic structure to behavioural responses in plankton
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