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Simon Potier

Postdoctoral fellow | PhD

My main research focuses on the role different sensory systems play in the foraging ecology of vertebrates, concentrating on how animals (mainly birds) extract information from their environment. Especially, I am interested in birds' visual and olfactory abilities. My main species models are raptors (birds of prey), as they are believed to forage primarily using vision, with the sense of smell playing little or no role at all.

During my PhD in Behavioural Ecology group in the Center of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CEFE/CNRS - Montpellier - France), I investigated the visual acuity, the fovea and the visual field of raptors from different ecology. I was also interested in the olfactory capabilities of raptors to find food, as well as the olfactory signature of a gregarious species, the black kite Milvus migrans.

As a postdoc under supervision of Almut Kelber, I will continue to explore the visual abilities in two raptors species, the Harris's hawk Parabuteo unicinctus and the black kite. Especially, I will focus on contrast sensitivity, chromatic visual acuity, foveal shape and importance of binocularity in prey pursuit and capture.


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Postdoctoral fellow

Functional zoology


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Lund Vision Group


Bird visual ecology

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Almut Kelber

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