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National Bioinformatics Infrastructure

at Lund University
NBIS is a national distributed research infrastructure providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Sweden.


We provide consultations, bioinformatics support, training as well as computational infrastructure.

There are two types of support available:


News about NBIS activities and bioinformatics courses can be found on the national NBIS website.

Bioinformatics support at Lund University

At Lund University, NBIS arranges regular bioinformatics drop-ins where researchers are welcome to come to network as well as discuss their bioinformatics needs.

Coming drop-ins:

Each Wednesday there is a bioinformatic drop-in at 10 am. Even weeks the drop-in is at Café Inspira at Medicon Village, odd weeks we gather at Café Marina in the Ecology Building. Some weeks the drop-in will be cancelled due to courses, or such.

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Staff at Lund University

Dag Ahrén, NBIS NGS coordinator
Dag is a senior bioinformatician working with short term bioinformatics support projects.He is also one of the coordinators for the next generation sequencing bioinformatics support.
Fredrik Levander, NBIS Proteomics coordinator
Fredrik is a senior bioinformatician coordinating proteomics projects.
Markus Ringnér
Markus is a senior bioinformatician.
Nikolay Oskolkov
Nikolay is a senior bioinformatician.