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Confocal microscopy – equipment

Our Zeiss LSM 510 META is equipped with:

Light source = four lasers, with the wavelengths:

  • DPSS 405 nm (excitation of e.g. DAPI, Hoechst 34580)
  • Ar ion laser: 458, 477, 488, 514 nm (488 nm for excitation of e.g. Cy2, Alexa488, GFP, FITC)
  • DPSS 561 nm (excitation of e.g. Cy3, Alexa 546 – Alexa 592, Texas Red, TRITC)
  • HeNe ion laser: 633 nm (excitation of e.g. Cy5, Alexa633 - Alexa 647)

Detectors = two PMT:s (photomultiplier tubes) and a META detector.

Confocal microscope Zeiss Axiovert
The scanning unit mounted on Zeiss Axiovert, the inverted microscope. Photo: Peter Ekström

Each detector has its own adjustable pinhole aperture, which allows for correction of different optical section thickness at different emission wavelengths.

Multiple laser lines and detectors allows simultaneous visualization of multiple fluorescent markers. In practice, however, you seldom use more than tree markers in a specimen.

The confocal microscope can be used with two different Zeiss epifluorescence microscopes. The scanning unit is mounted on an inverted microscope for routine use, as this setup is compatible with all standard microscope slides and many multiwell culture plates etc. For special applications the scanning unit can be moved to an upright fixed-stage microscope.

The confocal microscope setup
The work station for confocal microscopy. Zeizz Axioplan (upright microscope) to the left, Zeiss Axiovert (inverted microscope) with scanning unit to the right. Photo: Peter Ekström

Both microscopes are equipped with high-quality optics, including water- or oil-immersion objectives with high numerical apertures.

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In depth support

For dedicated in depth support regarding experimental design and hands-on optimizations for confocal microscopy the Department of Biology recommends you to contact ImageneIT.


Bo Holmqvist
Telephone: +46 70-984 93 38
E-mail: bo [at] imagene-it [dot] se


If you are publishing an article with results obtained with the microscopes belonging to the Department of Biology, please make sure to acknowledge us:

"We acknowledge the Microscopy Facility at the Department of Biology, Lund University".

In addition, we would be grateful to receive a pdf version of the paper in which the Microscopy Facility has been acknowledged. Thereby, your paper can also be listed after your permission on this webpage.