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Confocal microscopy

The Department of Biology possesses a confocal microscope, Zeiss LSM 510 META, which is available – against a user's fee – for use by the staff of the Department of Biology, and for external users. A "driver's licence" is required to use the confocal microscope. The driver's licence is issued after completed training on the microscope.

The confocal microscope is equipped with four lasers, two PMT detectors and a META detector which functions like a spectrometer. Simultaneous detection of multiple fluorescent markers is possible, as well as separation by spectral unmixing of fluorophores with overlapping emission spectra.

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Confocal microscopy – or to be more precise: confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) – is a method that is particularly suited for microscopy of fluorescent or reflecting specimens. The confocal microscope eliminates out-of-focus light, and creates a clear view of structures in the focal plane – also in specimens that are to thick for e.g. conventional fluorescence microscopy.

If you acquire a series of confocal images at different depths in a thick specimen, the image series can be used for 3D analysis and 3D rendering and you can visualize structures that could not be distinguished in conventional light microscopy.

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Confocal microscopy is also suited for studies of dynamic process, e.g. in living cells, and is commonly used in biology and medicine, as well as in chemsitry and physics.

Training at the confocal microscope
Course in the confocal lab. Photo: Erling Jirle
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In depth support

For dedicated in depth support regarding experimental design and hands-on optimizations for confocal microscopy the Department of Biology recommends you to contact ImageneIT.


Bo Holmqvist
Telephone: +46 70-984 93 38
E-mail: bo [at] imagene-it [dot] se


If you are publishing an article with results obtained with the microscopes belonging to the Department of Biology, please make sure to acknowledge us:

"We acknowledge the Microscopy Facility at the Department of Biology, Lund University".

In addition, we would be grateful to receive a pdf version of the paper in which the Microscopy Facility has been acknowledged. Thereby, your paper can also be listed after your permission on this webpage.