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Instrumental Chemistry

Our laboratorium for chemical analysis is partly a service lab. Today we do commissions for the research groups at our department but also for other departments, universities, authorities and companies. The laboratorium has two sections – an inorganic analysis lab and a lab for analysis of stable isotopes.

Mass spectrometry

We offers analysis for stable isotopes of several light elements, including H, C, N, O, and S by continuous flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS).

Our equipment and available services:

  • Thermo DELTA V with ConFlo IV
  • Thermo Flash2000: C, N, and S in solid samples, such as soils, plant materials, and dried extracts (combustion)
  • Thermo PreCon: C, N, O in atmospheric trace gases, CH4, N2O
  • Thermo GCIsolink: C, N, O, H in GC-volatile compounds samples
  • Thermo GasBench: C, N, O, H in headspace samples
  • Thermo LCIsolink: C in HPLC samples

Preparation of samples

  • Solid samples should be freeze-dried, grinded and packed into tin cups.
  • Gas samples should be contained in gas tight 12 ml exetainers.
  • FAME-analysis and other types for GC separation should be prepared with organic solvents, e.g. hexane or cyclohexane.
  • Samples for HPLC-IRMS analysis should be dissovled in 100 % aqueous phase and packed in 2 ml vials.
  • PreCon samples should be provided in 100 ml glas containers or 12 ml exetainers

Samples will be thrown away four weeks after delivered results if nothing else is agreed.


All prices are exclusive VAT and valid for customers from national and international universities or scientific research institutions. Internal will get a discount and overhead will be added. Other prices apply for commercial customers. Terms of payment: 30 days net. Interest on overdue payment will be charged according to the Interest law.

For any submitted batch of samples we take an administrative fee of 1000:- SEK covering administrative costs and standards.

Peripheral Price per analysis
Flash2000 125 SEK
GasBench 60 SEK
GasBench (water) 120 SEK
PreCon 200 SEK
GCIsolink 300 SEK
LCIsolink 300 SEK

Inorganic analysis laboratory

We are specialized in inorganic analysis of plant, soil, animals and water samples. Our field of experience also cover other sample types.


Samples must always be numbered with a serial number and a serial number list must accompany the samples.

After analysis results will be trasmissioned and the files will be saved for 30 days, then discarded if they have not been downloaded. Sample containers must be picked up within a month.

Additional fees/discount

Prices are quoted per sample in series of at least 10 samples. Additions fees for shorter series: 1-5 samples plus 50 %, 6-9 samples plus 25%. More than 100 samples gives a deduction of 10%. Have you even bigger series, request a quote!

Price list

Provberedning LU Externa
ASTM-uppslutning (D3682), litiumboratsmälta 229 SEK 473 SEK
Extraktion (med vatten eller saltlösning) 150 SEK 310 SEK
Malning av växtmaterial för homogenisering 60 SEK 125 SEK
Syrauppslutning av fasta prov, för Kjeldahl 120 SEK 250 SEK
Syrauppslutning, mikrovågsugn 250 SEK 520 SEK
Syrauppslutning, i kvartskolvar 250 SEK 520 SEK
Sållning eller rensning eller fraktionering 55 SEK 115 SEK
Uppslutning av slam sv. Standard 150 SEK 310 SEK


Analys LU Externa
Ammonium, FIA 95 SEK 200 SEK
Anjonanalys (F, Cl, NO2, Br, NO3, PO4 och SO4) 115 SEK 235 SEK
Elementanalys ICPAES, + elementkostnad 10 kr/element 160 SEK 330 SEK
Fosfat, FIA 95 SEK 200 SEK
Glödningsförlust 95 SEK 195 SEK
Kol och kväve i fast material 270 SEK 550 SEK
Kol TC/IC i fast material 150 SEK 310 SEK
Kol och kväve i vatten, IC/TOC/TN 150 SEK 310 SEK
Konduktivitet 45 SEK 93 SEK
Nitrat+Nitrit, FIA 115 SEK 235 SEK
pH-bestämning 45 SEK 93 SEK
Suspenderat material (GF/C filtrering) 144 SEK 298 SEK
Torrsubstans/vattenhalt 111 SEK 228 SEK

Equipment and available services:

ICP OES instrument for analysis of basic elements

ICP-OES (for analysis of basic elements). The instrument is our new ICP-OES instrument, model Perkin Elmer Optima 8300.

FIA and TOC/IC/TN equipment

FIA equipment (ammonia, phosphate, chloride, nitrate) and TOC/IC/TN for water.

TOC/IC and C/N equipment

TOC/IC of solid samples and C/N elemental analyser of solid samples.

Jon chromatograph and a microwave owen

Ion chromatography (fluoride, chloride, nitrite, bromide, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate) and microwave for sample digestion .

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