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Greenhouses and cultivation spaces

The department had a couple of big greenhouses both outside the former Geneticum alongside Tornavägen and by Biology Building A, Sölvegatan 35.

Cultivation spaces near the former Geneticum

Outside the greenhouse near the former Geneticum
Photo: Erling Jirle

The greenhouse has automatic watering and computer controlled atmospheric humidity, temperature (10–23° C; regulated by hot water) and brightness (regulated by protective fabric). Fully 20% of the greenhouse area is a cold house that stands temperatures below zero after the water pipes are emptied.

Inside the greenhouse outside the former Geneticum
Photo: Erling Jirle

Outside there are cultivation benches, supplementary spaces, a tool shed and a shelter with roof. This area is surrounded with fence, lockable gates, power sockets and water taps. It is created to be sheltered from the wind, shut off from people’s view and light from the surrounding street lighting.

Cultivation spaces by Biology Building A

The greenhouse outside the Biology Building A
Photo: Allan Rasmusson

Greenhouse facility

  • 160 m2, including chambers of 8-60 m2 and associated service rooms
  • Temperature and moisture control
  • Automatic curtains
  • Supplemental lights, time controlled
  • (No automatic watering)
  • License for GMO (The user may need to apply for additional licences)
  • Possibility to co-cultivate with microorganisms
  • Enclosure:
    • Separate doors
    • Insect-proof filters for in- and out- air
    • Boiler for the drain
    • Seed-catching glue carpets

NB! To avoid pests, no living plants on soil, or used soil, is allowed to enter the greenhouse area. Thus, plants are grown from seeds.

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