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Systematic Biology Group

Systematic Biology Group
Group photo October 2017

The field of systematics has been revolutionized in the past two decades by the availability of molecular data. Phylogenomics has really now set the stage for the next revolution, no longer are we simply interested in how different taxa are related to each other, but instead we can ask whether the phylogenetic relationships coupled with information about when and where different lineages diverged from each other can tell us something about diversification and extinction over evolutionary time. In the Systematic Biology Group, we use the latest algorithms and lab protocols to study the diversity of life, a phenomenon that excites all biologists. As the world changes rapidly in front of our eyes, it is important to understand how these changes will affect biodiversity. Looking into the past might give us clues to what will be happening in the future.

In the Systematic Biology Group we are interested in the processes leading to the diversification of groups of organisms. We use phylogenetic tools to infer the evolutionary history of life on the planet based on molecular and morphological data. We try to explain why some groups of organisms are more diverse than other groups and to understand what factors influenced the diversification dynamics of groups of organisms. We estimate times of divergences, infer the historical biogeography of taxa and study factors that may have contributed to the diversity that we see today.

Rota Group

(Dr. Jadranka Rota) - Molecular phylogenetics, historical biogeography, and diversification of Lepidoptera

Wahlberg Group

(Prof. Niklas Wahlberg) -­ Molecular phylogenetics, timing of divergence, and diversification of Lepidoptera

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Jadranka Rota
Biological Museum

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