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Microbial Ecology

The microbial world represents the largest reservoir of biodiversity that also is fundamental to sustaining key ecosystem processes, including the terrestrial carbon and nutrient cycles and the maintenance of plant fertility, across the breadth of the Earth’s ecosystems. In order to understand the role of microbial communities in ecosystem processes and to solve the major problems associated with human impact on the environment, a comprehensive and fundamental knowledge of microbial ecology is essential. The focus of the Microbial Ecology Group is to understand the ecology, diversity and functions of microorganisms in natural and engineered ecosystems, and the research is organized in five major research themes which are detailed at the Research projects page.

  • Microbial control of biogeochemistry in soil
  • Plant-microbial interactions
  • Simulating soil structure
  • Molecular science of biogeochemical processes 
  • Decomposition mechanisms of fungi at the molecular level

Recent Publications

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