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Lund Vision Group

A cluster of eight independent research labs in the fields of visual ecology and neuro-ethology

The Lund Vision Group is internationally recognised as one of the leading groups in comparative visual science in the world. With 35-40 academics our vision research stretches across the entire animal kingdom, from jellyfishes, insects and crustaceans, to squids and vertebrates. Our speciality is the design and evolution of eyes, how eyes are adapted to different lifestyles and habitats, and how vision is used for controlling behaviour. Our techniques range from optics, electrophysiology and theoretical modelling, to microscopy, molecular biology and behavioural experiments.

Baird Lab

(Associate Professor Emily Baird) - Visual navigation, insect visual flight-control, modelling the visual world of insects using x-ray microtomography­

Dacke Lab

(Prof. Marie Dacke) - Visual orientation and navigation, polarisation vision, neuronal basis of orientation

Heinze Lab

(Dr. Stanley Heinze) -­ Neural basis of complex visual behavior, path integration, insect migration, evolution of neural circuits, structure-function relations in the insect central complex

Kelber Lab

(Prof. Almut Kelber) -­ Colour vision, insect and bird vision

Kröger Lab

(Prof. Ronald Kröger) ­- Visual optics, retinal sampling, developmental and adaptive plasticity, and fish vision

Muheim Lab

(Associate Professor Rachel Muheim>) - Orientation and navigation, magnetoreception and polarized light reception in birds

Nilsson Lab

(Prof. Dan-E. Nilsson) -­ Visual optics, eye design, eye evolution, and vision in primitive animals

Warrant Lab

(Prof. Eric Warrant) -­ Vision and visual behaviour in dim light, nocturnal visual processing, deep-sea vision, eye design and insect vision

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