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Student projects

Master’s projects, for master’s students already admitted to Lund University, are available in the following research areas:

  • The evolution of floral signals in plant-insect interactions
  • The genomic consequences of invasion of a new niche
  • Adaptations to avoid hybridization when species come into secondary contact as a result of climate change 
  • The evolution of female egg-laying preference
  • Floral scent in geographic mosaics of coevolution and polyploidization
  • The genetic basis of facultative use of different host plants

Depending upon your interest and project time duration, projects can be performed in the field (Sweden/The Baltic States/The Alps and Central Europe/the Mediterranean area/California), in our laboratory greenhouses and molecular facilities in Lund and/or in the Biological museum.


Current master's students

•    Hanna Thosteman is a MSc student in Plant Science. Her thesis work is focused on flower scent of the perennial herb Arabis alpina, and the basis of scent differences in populations with different mating systems. 
•    Kalle Nilsson is a MSc student studying the interactions between the fly Tephritis conura and its host plants, the thistles Cirsium heterophyllum and Cirsium oleraceum. He is interested in how the colonization of a novel host  has shaped phenotypic and genetic variation and evolvability in the host races. 
•    Kajsa Svensson is a MSc student studying the genetic basis of scent variation in Arabis alpina. She uses whole genome data to address whether divergent scent profile reflect divergent demographic histories or local      selection.
•    Haoran Ma is a MSc student studying the cost of reproduction and the relationship between asexual and sexual reproduction in Lithophragma bolanderi plants of different ploidy-levels.
•    Sotiria Boutsi is a MSc student studying the potential for pollinator-mediated selection across multiple populations of Arabis alpina. She is particularly interested in understanding population-level variation in pollinator              abundance and identity and in pollen limitation. 
•    Andrés Romero Bravo is starting as MSc student in the fall of 2019. He will study the evolutionary origin of polyploidization in Lithophragma bolanderi.

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