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Linking farmland Biodiversity to Ecosystem seRvices for effective ecofunctional intensification

Biodiversity and delivery of ecosystem services in Europe are under threat due to land-use and climate change. LIBERATION aims to motivate farmers to protect biodiversity and promote ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes by quantifying the agronomic and economic contribution of ecosystem services to the farming enterprise.

The major role of Lund University in LIBERATION is to develop models that link the generation of ecosystem services at the landscape scale to economic effects. Specifically our modelling will be used to a) predict changes in flows of multiple ecosystem services (pest control, pollination, and soil productivity) in response to changes in farming practices and habitat management when considering field and landscape characteristics, b) quantify the effects of changes in these services on the need for chemical inputs and resultant crop yields, and c) evaluate the economic impacts for agriculture and society. The models will be developed for seven representative European landscapes for which we will also evaluate the potential of eco-functional intensification under different future land-use scenarios. Our modelling will thereby improve understanding of the incentives farmers have to promote biodiversity and ecosystem services across the EU in the face of an uncertain future.

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