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Fisheries Ecology


The reform of the common fisheries policy of the EU has failed to deliver a long-term sustainable fishery and has resulted in a tragedy of the commons scenario with an oversized fleet fishing on diminishing fish stocks under intense medial debate. Hence, there is a need for new and innovative approaches to mitigate further ecological deterioration, economic misuse of resources and social conflicts.

The SoundFish project offers an alternative by developing a local management plan for the Öresund cod fishery with the aim to set a good example of a sustainable fishery and directions for future development within the fishery sector. We use a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the prerequisites for co-management by integrating ecological, economical and socio-cultural aspects and sciences. First, we develop a rights based management strategy to allow thinking in terms of maximizing value of catches instead of maximizing catches.

Second, we analyze local co-management, where several stakeholders share responsibility for a sustainable management strategy, i.e. a strategy that yields a healthy fish stock that sustains thriving commercial and recreational fisheries, involving content citizens and proud fishermen. Third, we use the analysis and its possible solutions to initiate and set directions for future developments and value creation processes both in terms of monetary and social capital.

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