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Research projects

Animal Physiology

Cancer stem cell research

Research focused on testing novel compounds against a group of aggressive cancer cells believed to play a key role in tumour development. These cells have been termed cancer stem cells (CSCs)

Drosophila olfactory neuroecology

Research focused on how the olfactory system adapts to the habitat and needs of the animal, primarily using the genetic model organism Drosophila melanogaster.

Ecological immunology

Projects examining the ecology and evolution of host-parasite interactions and the genes involved in resistance to parasites and pathogens.

Gut biology

regulatory mechanisms of gut ontogeny and effects of microbial exposure on maturation of digestive and immune systems.

Neuro-nano research

Research into peripheral nerve regeneration after injury, and the ways that nanomaterials and free nanoparticles (structures and materials significantly smaller than 1 millionth of a meter) affect living cells and organisms.

Visual neurophysiology

Using physiological recordings and neuroanatomical reconstruction techniques from the insect brain to understand the mechanisms by which motion and features are extracted from visual scenes.

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Research Highlights

A photo showing uptake of plastic nanowires into macrophages
Uptake of plastic nanowires (orange) into macrophages (green) does not seem to affect the viability of these cells (Photo: Neuro-nano lab).