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Animal Physiology

Linking body function to the environment
Physiology is the study of the functions of the body, or how the body works. Consequently, physiology is a scientific discipline of the widest scope and application. An understanding of physiology underpins advances in biomedical research, so research in animal physiology impacts broadly on medicine, agriculture, industry and environmental science.

In line with the broad scope of this topic, our research uses a huge range of techniques and model organisms. Our approaches span the study of single cells in culture and the ways they respond to their substrate and environment, through to the study of cellular physiology in living animals and the way whole organ systems develop and respond to environmental stress.

Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment for cell culture and imaging of cells and tissues, and for recording physiological responses in-vivo. Our laboratories are in close proximity to world-leading laboratories in Ecology and Functional Zoology elsewhere in the Department of Biology and to Biomedical, Engineering and Physics research facilities in nearby departments. This has encouraged very strong collaborations that cross the discipline boundaries and provides wonderfully broad training and opportunities for our research students.

A photograph of current staff in animal physiology
Animal Physiology staff and research students (2014 'kickoff' day)
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