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Research projects

Animal Navigation Lab

At the Linneus project Centre for Animal Movement's (CAnMove) website you find more information about our research. If you are interested in migrating animals you can take the PhD course Animal Migration where we participate.


We study the migration phenotype of caged songbirds in the ORI Lab designed to measure fueling, migration activity and orientation in individual birds held in circular cages around which the magnetic field is controlled by electromagnetic coils. Bird movements are monitored by cameras and computer vision algorithms are used to evaluate and classify the behavior of the experimental birds.

Variation of migration phenotypes, route choice and migration performance is studied by different tracking technology, including GLS, GPS, and miniature dataloggers designed in house by the CAnMove Technical Lab to record position, altitude and acceleration. We furthermore use stationary radio-telemetry stations in south Sweden and more recently at the Island of Öland to track stop-over and departure behavior in individual bird migrants. 

Stable isotopes and genetic analyses are used to investigate geographical areas of origin and population differences. Route simulations is used to evaluate alternative compass routes in long-distance migrants.   
With physicists at the Lund Laser Center, we have developed Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory (LUMBO) based on lidar technology and designed to detect and classify free-flying insects and birds remotely. 

Tracking technology

A swift with a small geolocater attached to its back is lying in a hand.
Common swift carrying a miniature geolocator (GLS) used for tracking migration and winter movements. Photo: Susanne Åkesson



A bird is sitting inside on a perch locking out on a bright sky.
Dunnock in experimental cage in ORILab. Photo: Aron Hejdström


A half round white sphere stands on a truck. Experimental equipment is seen through an open window.
LUMBO during a field campaign in South Sweden. Photo: Mikkel Brydegaard

Learn more about LUMBO at CAnMoves website.

Swift colony

A bird is seen on a screen, sitting in its nesting box.
The breeding of common swifts in nestboxes are monitored by cameras. Photo: Aron Hejdström.
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Looking out on flying birds though a net.
Photo: Aron Hejdström

Join us

Are you interested to join the ANL lab? Please, contact Susanne Åkesson for opportunities.

Susanne Åkesson
Evolutionary Ecology

Telephone: +46 46-222 37 05
E-mail: Susanne [dot] Akesson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se