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Per Carlsson

Senior Lecturer

My research has constantly centered into a deeper understanding of different processes and interactions in the marine microbial pelagic food web (including larger zooplankton). More specific, I have been working with marine and limnic bacterial carbon utilization and nutrient limitation in temperate and Antarctic waters, phytoplankton ecology in Swedish, Brazilian and Mediterranean marine waters (utilization of organic bound nitrogen (in connection with bacteria, heterotrophic/mixotrophic flagellates and ciliates), toxin production in dinoflagellates and cyanobacteria, and zooplankton experimental ecology (grazing on toxin producing phytoplankton and uptake of phytoplankton toxins and their effects on zooplankton egg production and survival). I have also looked at vertical migration by dinoflagellates and effects of cyanobacterial toxins on the food web in connection to decaying blooms. I have been studying the effects of increased runoff of dissolved organic matter on coastal phytoplankton, both during my PhD-thesies work and also later on.

The three main projects I am working with right now are:

  1. Assessing the effects on the marine pelagic food web by the invasive marine cladoceran Penilia avirostris.
  2. Sinking rates and phenotypic plasticity among marine phytoplankton in a warmer world.
  3. Temporal and spatial distribution of harbour porpoises in the southern Kattegat

The invasive cladoceran Penilia avirostris

Thalassiosira eccentrica
The centric diatom Thalassiosira eccentrica

Tumlare Kullaberg
Harbour porpoise at Kullaberg


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