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Pål Axel Olsson


My interest in orchids as a young field botanist lead me to an interest in the mycorrhizal symbiosis and to PhD studies in Lund on the life and interactions of mycorrhizal fungi in soil. During 1998-1999 I was a postdoc at Risø outside Roskilde in Denmark where I worked with proteins in the legume-Rhizobium symbiosis.

My main research interest is the interactions between the vegetation and the soil microorganisms and how this is regulated by abiotic factors such as nutrient availability. The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis is of fundamental importance for the understanding of ecosystem processes and the study of regulation of nutrient exchange in the symbiosis at various scales (physiology to ecosystems) is therefore a central research issue. Other projects deals with the biodiversity (plants, fungi and insects) in grasslands and how it can be preserved in the most efficient way.

Current projects deals with various aspects of grassland ecology such as effects of global warming, phenological variation, carbon cycling, arbuscular mycorrhiza and conservation of biodiversity.

I work as teacher in plant and soil ecology for biologists, environmental engineers and environmental scientists.

I presently work with setting up a new stable isotope facility funded by the Swedish Research Council. The new state-of-the-art facility will run compound specific isotope ratio mass spectrometry and will be equipped with GC, HPLC as well as IRMS.


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