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Olof Hellgren

Senior Lecturer | PhD

My research explores the evolutionary and ecological outcomes of host-pathogen interactions, both from the host and the pathogens points of view. I use molecular methods on wild host and pathogens in order to understand their evolutionary history and current population structures. One question that fascinates me is how complex parasite communities are influenced by the composition of the surrounding host species and vectors. I have further developed an in-vitro system for studies of functional genetic variation of immune genes by measuring pathogens inhibition under exposure of different synthesized peptide originating from genetic variation at immune genes.

I defended my PhD in December 2006 at the Department of Animal Ecology in Lund on the topic of Ecology and evolution of avian malaria and related blood parasites. After a post-doc session during 2007-2009 at The Edward Grey institute, Oxford University, founded by the Swedish Research Council, I returned to the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab.

Olof Hellgren, field work


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Olof Hellgren
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Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab


Avian malaria – evolution, ecology and host impact

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