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Olof Berglund

Senior Lecturer

My research interests include the environmental influence on contaminant transport and uptake, and the ecological effects of contaminants on populations, communities and ecosystems. Presently, we are conducting research on the fate and effects of emerging contaminants, in particular pharmaceuticals and engineered nanoparticles 

The drivers of my research are the needs to accurately predict exposure and effects of contaminants at ecosystem level to enable scientifically sound ecological risk assessments of past, present and future chemicals released from anthropogenic activities. A future goal of our research is to enable extrapolation of effects of contaminants at individual level, to population, community and ecosystem level. That would enable predictions and risk management at the proper level of our protection goals.

I am course coordinator for the courses BIOR41 Ecotoxicology and BIOR52 Applied Ecotoxicology at the Biology Department, LU. BIOR41 deals with the fundamentals of ecotoxicology where we explore some of the most important concepts such as: fate and transport, toxicity testing, direct and indirect effects on population, community and ecosystem levels, bioaccumulation and biomagnification and risk analysis and assessments. In BIOR52 we train and prepare ecotoxicology students for environmentally related employment outside the university. We discuss and analyse ecotoxicology related issues in todays society and look at case studies from the past. We work in close relation with potential employers who we visit and who provide tasks for the students to solve during the course. I am also teaching on the course VBR 180 Methods in risk assessments at LTH, where I am coordinator for the Ecological Risk Assessment module.


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