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Nicolas Chazot


My research aims at understanding the origin of large-scale patterns of butterfly diversity. My work relies on building new molecular phylogenies that can be used to address a large panel of complementary questions:

  1. Dynamics of species diversification - I am applying recent methods to several groups of butterflies to investigate whether speciation and extinction rates have varied through time, across different biogeographic regions, among clades or in response to paleoenvironmental variables.
  2. Dynamics of phenotypic diversification - I am using geometric morphometry to measure butterfly wing size and shape variation across clades. Then I assess the role ecological factors such as habitat or sexual dimorphism on wing size and shape evolution. I am also investigating the dynamics of evolution of these complex traits through time, across clades and how it correlates with species diversification.
  3. Species interactions – Finally, I have been working on the role of mutualistic interactions among species on large-scale patterns of species assemblages. Müllerian mimicry, which is expected to drive convergence of wing patterns among coexisting species or/and convergence of species distribution among species sharing similar wing patterns. I tested these hypotheses on species communities on a large scale gradient of altitude in the Andes. We are now also trying to investigate the role of mimicry during diversification with a theoretical model.

I received my PhD in 2014 at the Museum of Natural History (Paris) supervised by Marianne Elias. Then I got a one-year position at the MNHN. I am now working as a postdoc in Lund with Niklas Wahlberg. My research has always involved a large number of collaborations, notably with Keith Willmott, Gerardo Lamas, André Freitas, Vincent Debat, Thomas Aubier, Violaine Llaurens, Patrick Blandin and Fabien Condamine.


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