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Nathalie Feiner

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a new postdoc in the group of Tobias Uller. My background is in comparative genomics, and I did a fair bit of developmental genetics in a variety of vertebrate animals. After my PhD, I turned my interest towards organismal biology, and I am now interested in understanding how evolution really works. I designed a project on the Anolis lizards, a famous example of an adaptive radiation, which aims to include ecological, developmental and phylogenetic aspects in order to fully comprehend their evolutionary history. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between developmental processes and the course of evolution – how can ontogenetic factors bias evolution and how strong is this influence?


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Nathalie Feiner + wall lizard baby
Nathalie Feiner + wall lizard baby
E-mail: nathalie [dot] feiner [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Postdoctoral fellow

Evolutionary ecology