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Mengshu Hao

Postdoctoral fellow | PhD

The mystery of the question, what is life - both biologically and philosophically, gives me the original passion on biological sciences. This curiosity brought me to “Lin’an”, a small city in southern China that surrounded by beautiful nature scenes. That’s where I got my bachelor degree in biotechnology. Since 2009, I came to Sweden and got my master degree in chemistry at Linnaeus University in 2012, the project was focused on genetic engineering of medicinally important plant, Artemisia annua. After being involved in several scientific projects, I started being curious about pure science, the basic science of life. I started my PhD study in plant physiology, focused on NAD(P)H redox regulation.

NADPH is one of the major providers of reductant energy during plant growth, maintenance and defense processes in cells. NADPH maintains whole plant internal redox homeostasis, and support most synthetic pathways. To address the importance of NADPH in stress physiology, my work is focused on a particular enzyme (an external NADPH dehydrogenase of mitochondria) and the molecular mechanisms of the redox control under different biotic and abiotic stresses.

I am involved in teaching 3 courses in department, Molecular Biology (MOBA03), Methods in molecular biology (BIOR47) and Quantitative PCR (life science package).


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Doctoral student

Molecular Cell Biology

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