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Matthias Tschumi

Researcher | PhD

Research interests

My main research interests are dedicated to farmland biodiversity and biodiversity related ecosystem services. Investigating interactions and trade-offs between plants, arthropods and vertebrates in a multitrophic approach and between provided services that affect productivity and human well-being is of major concern to me. Very exciting in this context I consider concepts exploring the potential of agricultural habitat management contributing to ecological intensification. This involves landscape-ecological investigations of the impact of semi-natural habitats and agricultural management on ecosystem services at the large scale. A further key topic of interest to me is the conservation of endangered species. Here as well with a focus on farmland. This closely links to above mentioned topics and includes discussions of land sparing vs. land sharing. I am highly enthusiastic for using state of the art methods in statistical and numerical ecology for gaining sound inference from ecological data.

Short biography

I grew up in Switzerland where I did my undergraduate studies and a master’s degree in conservation biology at the University of Bern. My research focus during my master thesis was on farmland bird conservation and specifically the habitat choice of the hoopoe (Upupa epops). After a one year internship at the Swiss federal office for agriculture, I started a Ph.D. in agro-ecology at Agroscope (“Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research”) in collaboration with the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany. The main research focus during my Ph.D. was to develop and investigate the effectiveness of flower strips specifically designed to enhance pest control in crop fields - but included investigations of the impact of other flowering elements on farmland biodiversity and associated ecosystem services and their interactions with landscape configuration. After finishing my PhD in 2015 and a short Postdoc in Switzerland, I moved to Lund in spring 2016 for an 18-months research stay to investigate the effect of landscape complexity on ecosystem services and disservices provided by bird communities.


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Matthias Tschumi
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Research group

Biodiversity & Conservation Science


Landscape mediated changes in farmland bird communities and effects on ecosystem services and disservices