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Martin Stjernman


As a genuine field biologist my interests in biological research is general. I started off as a PhD-student studying the relationship between life history and parasite resistance in an evolutionary context, working with blue tits Cyanistes caeruleus and their blood parasites Haemoproteus. During this work I realized the importance of environmental factors in particular maternal effects in determining parasite resistance. As a post-doc in Tom Little’s lab in Edinburgh in 2007-2008 I further pursued this issue studying maternal and genetic effects on bacterial (Pasteuria) resistance in clones of the facultative parthenogen Daphnia magna.

Back in Lund I have currently switched focus to conservation biology studying the relationship between agricultural landuse and biodiversity. Most of my work concerns evidence based modelling of the effects of historical and future landuse policies within agriculture on population sizes of birds. The goal would be to be able to produce predictive models of biodiversity change resulting from landuse change under different economical and political scenarios. To this end I combine both experimental and observational data on landuse and bird abundance using GIS and various statistical techniques.


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Biodiversity and Conservation Science


Predicting effects of the common agricultural policy on farmland birds

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