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Martin Škerlep

Doctoral student

My PhD project focuses on understanding how land-use changes during the last century have affected surface water dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and iron (Fe) concentrations. Water color in many northern surface waters has undergone a stark increase during the last four decades, as a consequence of an increase in DOC and Fe exported from terrestrial system. While several hypothesis such as, reduced atmospheric deposition, climate change and land-use have been proposed to have caused the increase, it is still unclear which the predominant factor behind the increase is.

In my PhD I will look at DOC and Fe cycling in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and try to connect them to changes in land-use such as afforestation. Projects in my PhD will include both long term data-series analysis to see how land-use and water color have changed, as well field studies, where I will try to examine the mechanistic effects of different land-use types on the biogeochemical cycles and transport of DOC and Fe into surface waters.

Besides my research work I am also looking to be an active member of the department and interact with other students and employees.


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Doctoral student

Aquatic ecology

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Research group

Aquatic Ecology




Main supervisor

Emma Kritzberg

Assistant supervisor

Per Persson, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research