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Marja Boström

Doctoral Student

Pharmaceuticals that are excreted by consumers are incompletely eliminated in wastewater treatment plants, and the major source of pharmaceutical pollution in aquatic environments. Usually the environmental water concentrations are low, but aquatic organisms can accumulate some pharmaceuticals so that the internal concentration becomes higher than that in the surrounding water, denoted bioaccumulation. Internal concentrations may even reach levels known to cause effects either like those seen in humans or other unexpected effects. In environmental hazard assessments performed before market release bioaccumulation tests are included but the frameworks are built around chemicals similar to but not completely alike most pharmaceuticals. My research focus is to evaluate possible over- or underestimations of bioaccumulation in aquatic organisms regarding ionizable pharmaceuticals like painkillers (active substances: diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen and ketoprofen) and antidepressants (active substances: sertraline and fluoxetine) when performing hazard assessments using the current framework.


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Doctoral student

Aquatic ecology

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