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Marita Cohn

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor

My research is focused on the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of telomere maintenance. Telomeres are the DNA-protein structures at the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes. The telomeres fold into protective chromatin structures, shielding the ends from enzymatic degradation and providing chromosome integrity by avoiding end-to-end fusions.

Thus, properly functioning telomeres are essential for promoting genome stability, which is underlined by the fact that telomere dysfunction is coupled to cancer and aging. In this regard, the questions of how telomeres are replicated and elongated by the enzyme telomerase are fundamental for biological science.

In my lab we are currently investigating the telomere-binding proteins in yeast, and how they are assembling into a functional chromatin structure, providing protection from exonucleolytic degradation and regulation of the extension of the DNA ends by telomerase.


Marita Cohn
Department of Biology
Lund University

Sölvegatan 35
223 62 LUND


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Marita Cohn
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Senior lecturer

Molecular Cell Biology

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Research group

Genetics: telomeres and telomerase



Doctoral students and postdocs

PhD students, main supervisor

Humberto Itriago


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Read about our research regarding DNA recognition by telomerase, which provides substrate specificity for its elongation of telomeres.