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Marie Dam

Doctoral student

What I work with

I started as a PhD student in the Pheromone group in December 2018. I am working on a EU Horizon 2020 project called OLEFINE, which is about making safe insecticide alternatives (pheromones) in a biological way, using cell factories and metabolic engineering of yeasts and plants.

I will be doing research to find and characterise enzymes that can be used in biosynthetic pheromone production pathways, to make pheromones of moths that are economically important pests on cash- and row crops. 


My background

I am an engineer in biotechnology from Aalborg University, Denmark, and have in the past years been working with metabolic engineering of yeasts, and optimisation of insect pheromone production with yeasts as host cells, employed at the Center for Biosustainability at the Danish Technical University and at the company Biophero.


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Marie Dam
E-mail: marie [dot] dam [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Functional zoology

+46 46 222 01 26