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Hints for teaching experiments and demonstrations

  • Lars Olof Björn
  • Lars Olof Björn
Publishing year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 617-645
Document type: Book chapter
Publisher: Springer

Abstract english

Directions are given for demonstrating various topics from the other book chapters: The wave-nature of light, singlet oxygen, chromatic adaptation of cyanobacteria, the properties of the human visual system, photoconversion of rhodopsin, photosynthesis of previtamin D, spectral properties of chlorophyll, photoconversion of protochlorophyllide, separation of chloroplast pigments, photoadaptation of plant leaves, ultraviolet radiation damage, photoreactivation, phytochrome, plant photomorphogenesis, bioluminescence. At the end a short list is provided of further ideas for the reader to work on. The references are listed separately for each topic.


  • Biological Sciences
  • Photobiology Class experiments Light Wave-nature of light Singlet oxygen Chromatic adaptation Cyanobacteria Vision Rhodopsin Photosynthesis Vitamin D Provitamin D Previtamin D Chlorophyll Protochlorophyllide Chloroplast pigments Photoadaptation Ultraviolet radiation Radiation damage Photoreactivation Phytochrome Photomorphogenesis Bioluminescence Optical tweezers Quantum dot Ozone layer


  • Photobiology
  • Photobiology-lup-obsolete
  • ISBN: 978-0-387-72654-0
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