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Lars B. Pettersson


I work with ecological and evolutionary aspects of conservation biology with a particular focus on butterflies and moths. I coordinate the Swedish butterfly monitoring scheme since it was initiated in 2010. This research involves quantifying trends in butterfly abundance using TRIM indices both within Sweden and by collaborating with other European monitoring schemes.

I also have a strong interest in butterfly and moth diversity in the agricultural landscape and the relation between land management and diversity patterns. Examples of such research include moth diversity in relation to organic farming (pdf; kB) and the influence of landscape parameters on butterfly and moth diversity.

Using historical data, I collaborate with Swedish and German colleagues to explore nationwide colonization patterns of Swedish Lepidopterans and relate these to species-specific traits.

Additionally, I also work with phenotypic plasticity and population differentiation in terrestrial and aquatic organisms. These studies address the evolution of growth and anti-predator strategies, using a suite of methods from physiological and chemical ecology as well as research on behavioural syndromes.

Finally, I teach the undergraduate courses Field Faunistics which has a focus on knowledge of species, species identification techniques, and applications of faunistics in conservation work, and Conservation Biology - theory, applications and evidence based methods an internet-based course focusing on evidence-based conservation. I am course organiser for both these courses (Conservation Biology shared with Nils Cronberg).


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