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Aggregation pheromones of Drosophila immigrant, D. phalerata, and D. subobscura

  • Katarina Hedlund
  • Robert J. Bartelt
  • Marcel Dicke
  • Louise E.M. Vet
Publishing year: 1996-01-01
Language: English
Pages: 1835-1844
Publication/Series: Journal of Chemical Ecology
Volume: 22
Issue: 10
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Springer

Abstract english

Aggregation pheromones of Drosophila immigrans, D. phalerata and D. subokscura were demonstrated by testing attraction of adult flies to hexane extracts of the flies in a windtunnel bioassay. Extracts of adult males of all species attracted conspecific males and females. However. D. suhobscura flies were attracted only when the extract was applied on food. GC-MS analysis identified (Z)-11-octadecenyl acetate (cVA) in the extracts of adult male D. immigrans and D. phalerata. Both species were attracted to synthetic cVA. Male and female D. subobscura produced 5,9-pentacosadiene, 5-pentacosene, 2-methylhexacosene and 5.9-heptacosadiene. while only male D. subobscura produced (Z)-5-tricosene and minor amounts of cVA.


  • Ecology
  • (Z)-11-octadecenyl acetate
  • (Z)-5-tricosene
  • 5,9-pentacosadiene
  • Aggregation pheromones
  • Drosophilidae
  • Windtunnel


  • ISSN: 0098-0331