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Karin Rengefors


My research interests cover a variety of topics within phytoplankton/ protist ecology and evolution. Currently my research focus is on understanding the processes underlying speciation and biogeography in protists. My approach is to study these processes at the population level by investigating genetic diversity, population genetic and genomic structure, dispersal, and local adaptation.


Karin Rengefors in the field
Together with my research group and collaborators we are currently focusing on three main systems; a dinoflagellate species complex that has recently diverged into multiple species/ecotypes, a freshwater invasive nuisance species: Gonyostomum semen, and the toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis. Our approach is to use a combination of population genomics, transcriptome analyses, and experimental studies to address the specific research questions for each project. See projects for more details or my web page




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Light microscopy image of Gonystomum semen
Light microscopy image of Gonystomum semen (Raphidophyceae) culture. Photo: Caroline Björnerås.