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Juan Pablo Almeida

Doctoral Student

I am a PhD student working on the molecular ecology of ectomycorrhizal fungi in relation to the biogeochemical cycles. The study of mychorrizal physiology and ecology is key for understanding the movement and the transfer of nutrients between soil and plants in forest and agricultural ecosystems. By trading photosynthetic carbon for macronutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, mychorrhizal associations significantly influence the nutrient flow dynamic in the soil.

I am currently working under the supervision of Håkan Wallander and Nicholas Rosenstock. The aim of the project is to evaluate the effect of nitrogen deposition and phosphorus limitation on ectomycorrhizal communities in temperate forests. I am involved in different projects involving field, green house and axenic-culture experiments. During my PhD studies I will analyze community’s composition, fungal growth, nutrient uptake and gene expression of ectomycorrhizal species under different nutrient regimes. My main interests include the molecular and ecological study of soil communities and their relationship with plant organisms. In particular, I have special interest in transcriptomics, gene expression, plant physiology and mycology.


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Juan Pablo Almeida
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Doctoral student




Research group

Microbial Ecology




Main supervisor

Håkan Wallander

Assistant supervisor

Nicholas Rosenstock