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John Waller

Doctoral Student

Research interests

Selection gradients and phylogenetic comparative methods

Currently I am interested in measuring sexual and natural selection in damselflies on a suite of morphological features as well as on thermal plasticity. Due to the difficulty of measurement, plastic traits are rarely studied in selection studies. In conjunction with this project, I am also working on improving the usability of mark-recapture methods/software for evolutionary ecologists.

Previously, I have used modern phylogenetic comparative methods to detect geographic patterns in Calopteryx damselfly distributions, and detecting elevated speciation rates related to a conspicuous signaling trait.

Other interests/projects include: Measuring assortative mating in damselflies and its relationship to speciation. Computer assisted image analysis for use in the measurement of morphological features. And measuring flight performance of damselflies, using high speed cameras.


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John Waller
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Doctoral student

Evolutionary ecology

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